Ursa Major

A distinctive, modern brand and website ready for the oncoming space travel boom.

Ursa MajorUrsa MajorUrsa Major

Brand Strategy, Visual Identity, UX, UI, Web + Mobile Dev

Bold brand and through to an immersive website for space and hypersonic rocket manufacturer, Ursa Major.

Ursa Major creates launch-ready propulsion for every sector of aerospace, starting with space launch and hypersonics. The company is powering the future of aerospace, seeing aerospace advancement as a technological imperative. They are accelerating the industry as the leading source of world-class propulsion systems.

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HKEK elevated the brand positioning, messaging, visual identity, and website of Ursa Major to honor the company’s mission of radically transforming the aerospace industry, preparing it for the oncoming space travel boom.


Thoughtfully designed, modular brand system that creates a visual statement, representing unknown territories and a brave, futuristic outlook.

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A new website that extends the brave brand system into a futuristic experience, designed to boldly venture into the starlit yonder with confidence and optimism.

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