Web Dev, Mobile Dev, UX/UI, Branding, Other

Over 20 new digital products for a re-brand of the office supplies giant. Including and 6 new highly interactive brand websites.

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Web Dev, Mobile Dev, UX, UI, Branding, Other
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Help prepare the $7bn retail giant for the future of work ahead of their new brand launch.

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Over 20 digital products - delivered in just 3 months! In partnership with, our team delivered thoughtfully designed, highly engaging experiences for and each of their new sub-brands, available across multiple devices from mobile to desktop. We continue to work together.

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The brand leaves the nostalgia behind and aims at stepping into the future where worklife balance is key.

The new brand was designed by our partner agencies. We worked closely with them and multiple in-house teams at Staples HQ to best implement the new guidelines into their digital systems and improve the overall system as much as possible within our timeline and varied array of constraints.

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New Brands

A video-based, highly interactive website for the new smart technology brand.

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A highly animated, responsive website for the thoughtfully designed office essentials brand.

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Union & Scaale

Modular office furniture brand and website.

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Staples' new efficiency brand needed a website that's just as simple and efficient in information delivery.

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