UX, UI, Web Dev, Brand Identity

Brand, website, and UX/UI design and dev for a manufacturing AI platform.

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Partsimony are disrupting the manufacturing supply chain process. Building complex hardware products is hard, and their AI platform makes one of the hardest parts a lot easier. Their AI finds the cheapest and fastest alternatives for sourcing a particular part. Current geopolitics and crisis are changing the manufacturing landscape. China is no longer the only option to manufacture a product, and finding alternatives can be key to a product’s success.

Brand Identity

In developing the brand identity, our focus was on bringing the brand a professional, trustworthy, and enterprise-level feel, while hinting at the innovative and sophisticated AI driving the platform.

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Smoothing the way

The platform allows manufacturers to be represented properly and transparently, making them easy for sourcing departments to engage with.

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Smart recommendations

A manufacturer can just upload the 3D CAD file and the platform will analyze it and recommend potential part suppliers. As the AI learns, it becomes ever more tuned into the best fit for your business, saving money, and avoiding production delays.

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Two-sided economy

As the part supplier: You are presented with clients that are more aligned with your manufacturing expertise - you will only get requests from clients that match you perfectly.

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Full service product design

HKEK partnered with Partsimony as a Full-Service project:

  • Brand position that speaks to manufacturers, hard-ware producers, businesses

  • Messaging system supporting the brand position

  • Visual identity that’s very appropriate for the business

  • Website: interactive; UX, UI, illustration, copywriting

  • Product: platform experience (audited existing experience, information architecture, wireframe experience, enhanced efficiency in the feature set,

  • UI design to brand the experience; interface development working alongside the client’s development team)

  • Partsimony mobile