Experiential, UX, UI, Web Dev

The Obsidian home explores spaces for Black families to thrive, embrace ancestral futures, technological futures, sustainable futures, and joyful futures in virtual dwelling. The home embraces a multiplicity of Black family identities and features a collection of items from Black designers.

Experiential, UX, UI, Web Dev


The Obsidian Concept House website provides a 360 degree walkthrough experience of the virtual home and property, including diverse multi-media content accessed on the central web platform.



When researching the exploration experience it was important to us that the integrity of information was preserved through scale. Just as a museum map guides the patron through their discovery, the Obsidian dreamscape should offer locational context in the virtual space while allowing room for the visitor’s questions and imagination.


Flow Wireframes


Floor Taxonomy

Our team was challenged with facilitating a clear navigation experience that prioritized the user’s personal body through the virtual space. This included a “you are here” mini-map and a navigation that reveals more detail with each level of scale — Landscape, House, Room, Object. The Index of the web experience organizes the 28 cameras into 4 floors of the house represented through an interactive, isometric navigation.

obs 7


Obsidian is a dynamic material, slowly moving, solidifying. As the visitor explores the BADG dreamscape, the “magma” transition interpolates scenes in the dreamscape.


Magma Transition Exploration

The transitional shader morphs each scene into the next; rapidly cooling and hardening into views of the house.

obs 9


Our team explored methods to overlay an interface to the 3D room renders allowing the user to navigate the 360 views and explore the various works throughout the home. This includes 4 floors of the virtual architecture and the artist’s content within through informational hotspots attached in the 3D spaces.

Desktop Screens

obs 12obs 13

Mobile screens

obs 18obs 19
obs 22obs 23

Intro Animation

obs 24