VR Dev, UX, Creative Direction, Brand Identity, Business Strategy, Mobile Dev, Character Design, Worldbuilding

An multisensory VR experience that makes daily meditation beautiful, trackable & fun.

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VR Development, UX design, Art Direction, Brand Design, Business Strategy, Mobile Development, Character Design, Worldbuilding

Our goal is to get 10 million people to meditate every day.

Our team spent over a year developing every aspect of Maloka alongside artists, technologists, neuro-scientists, mindfulness experts, and shamans alike. Unique game design… clever rewards... stunning environments… brilliant meditations… and charming spirit guides... Maloka VR provides a beautiful, rich and playful healing experience like nothing before it. Combined with Maloka Mobile, users can keep their meditation practice close and consistent.

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Concept Development

Early concept work grounded the game design in one simple principle: The Mind as an Island. As you meditate, your island grows, new corners are revealed, and your spirit evolves!


The spirit guide

Each user is matched with a unique Spirit, which will grow and evolve with each meditation! We worked with legendary artist Bakea to create these charming, otherworldly characters.

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The Island

Your mind is an island.
Within the world of Maloka, you will be united with your own unique island. The more you practice, the more your island grows and flourishes into a vibrant oasis filled with plants, sculptures, and more.

VR allows you to marvel your island from any perspective. Reflect on your work from above, or rest on the beach and gaze at the shooting stars.

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maloka The island

Meditation vortex

Our team designed the meditation vortex to fluctuate in intensity based on a sine wave structure. The visuals are procedurally generated, but retain a tactile and geometric quality.

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maloka Meditation vortex

Mindful Movement

Our team worked with Yoga instructor, Jen Guaneri to create a collection of mindful movement experiences. These are designed for any user to become more aware of his or her body and breath.

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Sound Meditation

The Maloka sound meditation experiences were designed to be simple and powerful, utilizing ambisonic recording and an environment optimized for closing your eyes and sinking into sound.

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Mobile App

Maloka Mobile allows users to meditate, check in on their spirit, and view their island creation at any time. The app was designed for iOS and Android.

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