Product Design, UX, UI, Animation

A new point of sale system for the biggest event ticketing company in the world.


UX, UI, Animation


Design a Point-of-Sale terminal that can be easily deployed to thousands of events around the world. The client required it to be IP62 water-proof, usable hand-held, on a table and a stand, battery-powered, easy to clean. All objects were also required to be easy to pack, ship & deploy.

BOOM parallax v2


A lightweight, stackable, water-proof, battery-powered terminal that accepts payments through wristbands, chip cards, magnet stripes & phones, for maximum versatility and durability. Mounts to multiple base types and has its own kickstand for quick deployment. Wireless and USB-C.

eventbrite4eventbrite2 (1)

Initial Industrial Design exploration:

Frame 2763
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  • evenet11
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