BOOM Supersonic

UX, UI, Web dev, Animation, Industrial Design

Led by a mission to make the world dramatically more accessible, Boom Supersonic is redefining commercial air travel by bringing sustainable, supersonic flight to the skies.


Top reveal animation by HOO KOO E KOO. Bottom two renders by Ntropic.


Reveal and showcase Boom's evolved brand system alongside new designs of its iconic airliner, Overture, partnering with Creative Director, Chester Chipperfield, Manual Creative, and Ntropic.

BOOM parallax v2

Digital brand implementation by HOO KOO E KOO. Image renders by Ntropic.


An updated and responsive website experience that seamlessly integrated Boom's brand language and new Overture assets to create a dynamic brand statement for the company. We also supported our creative partners to further their efforts producing animations and creative assets that rounded out the teams' efforts. 

003 03 Boom--Airliner--v8AirplaneAirplane

2019 Boom Supersonic Website, with renders by Ntropic