UI, UX, Web dev , Brand positioning and messaging, Visual brand identity

Strategy, brand and website for the branded social content platform, ready for US launch.

Brand Strategy

Showcase social content creators. Give them exclusive access to talent and brand moments. Provide a platform to create authentic, intimate content that engages with their fans on a deeper level.

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Brand System

A dynamic brand system that needs to speak to creators, sports and entertainment brands, and sponsors simultaneously. HKEK created the brand positioning, messaging, visual identity, and design language to allow all the different pieces of the ecosystem to integrate into a clear message.

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Brand system extended into a website design that clearly communicates to all audiences, empowering a company with only a few big European successes to expand into to the US market, gaining a top tier client portfolio

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Animated Emojis & Stickers

Animated reaction system for live streams, enriching the fan experience and enhancing their communication channels.

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Quote from Antourage

"For a long time, we felt that the expertise offered by HKEK was a luxury that we couldn't afford. In hindsight, investing sooner is something that we should have done much earlier."

Sean Verity, Co-Founder