The HOO of the KOO. Our 12 core values


The HOO of the KOO. Our 12 core values


What makes HKEK unique is our principles.

Our purpose contained in values.

It’s something coming from our internal deep thinking of who we want to be, what we want to do, and what makes us happy doing it. We didn’t outsource a branding strategy effort nor realized principles are needed to unite when at scale. They were born in the earliest days, from our own observations and hopes and evolved since. We keep refining these to form something, that we're pretty sure has not existed before. The HOO KOO E KOO.

Those Values are:

1. Remote first
2. Happiness first
3. Solve real problems of the future
4. No redundant atoms
5. No redundant pixels
6. Intersectional by design.
7. Redefine unicorns.
8. Progressive partnerships.
9. Intense and agile.
10. Power is abundant.
11. Treat to Retreat.
12. Question everything, every day.

Global Coralition sculpture

Our founder Matt, for scale, sitting on top of the Global Coralition’s new coral reef sculpture which will boost education and awareness of ocean conversation in the short and long term. This is just the top part of the 20-tonne sculpture. HKEK is a founding partner of Global Coralition and a life-long supporter.

coral reef

1. Remote first.
We will all, always, work remotely. Everyone has flexible work hours, location doesn’t matter.

2. Happiness first.
We promote a balanced lifestyle of happiness, adventure, self-expression, and freedom.

3. Solve real problems of the future.
Our outputs are foundational, built for longevity and for scale.

4. No redundant atoms.
Reduce material waste and pollution. Strive to be as lean as possible. No offices, computer hardware, or idle hands.

5. No redundant pixels.
Thoughtful and beautiful design, not more or less than it needs to be.

6. Intersectional by design.
We are creating one global tribe, where everyone is free to choose their location. No two people have the same background. Our team is based in 15+ countries and we are lucky to celebrate women in leadership.

HKEK team

Work work.

7. Redefine unicorns.
We participate in projects that disrupt markets, provide a leap in human experience, and move towards a more sustainable existence on this planet. 20% of our projects are non-profit.

8. Progressive partnerships.
We build long-term, collaborative, and integrated partnerships. Clients are called Partners because of the supportive nature of the relationship. We also work on our own business ventures, always in partnership with someone.

9. Intense and agile.
It’s ok to be crazy about something. There is an energy and momentum to each project. Staying agile to flow with the collaboration.

10. Power is abundant.
We are open and collaborative. We have built a community of thought and industry leaders. We share knowledge, networks, and resources to build a better future for humanity and the planet.

11. Trick or Retreat.
We foster meaningful human interaction in inspiring locations to build bonds and conceive ideas. We foster a highly free-spirited culture. Without retreats we might fall apart as a team, hence the “trick” part.

12. Question everything, every day.
We are constantly evolving our culture, innovating our tech, finding better processes. This list is always a work in progress as we grow and adapt.

HKEK Retreat 2021

From Retreat #4

HKEK Retreat

From Retreat #3

We are always looking for talented, likeminded people to join our crew. Check out our Careers page for opportunities.

With love,
Matt, Chris and the HOO KOO E KOO team