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Electric transportation has lept the chasm from champagne-liberal status-symbol to mainstream mainstay.

Electric Vehicles

The future is electric.

Electric transportation has lept the chasm from champagne-liberal status-symbol to mainstream mainstay, led by Tesla’s meteoric market capitalization, and investment in charging stations and supporting infrastructure. Cities around the world will see charging stations popping up on every corner. Competition from new electric car brands in China will accelerate innovation, while governments around the world shift to ever-cheaper, more sustainable electric mass transport. The Biden administration’s heavy investment in infrastructure will further supercharge this necessary change while bringing economic benefits for the underprivileged, who make outsized use of public transportation.

Looking to the skies, there is already a dearth of investment in decarbonized aviation. United Airlines has purchased 15 of BOOM Supersonic’s green supersonic jets. Clean and autonomous air transport startups are popping up amidst excited buzz, brushing aside apprehensions about pilotless flight. The European Union’s Clean Sky initiative reported in June 2020 that the use of hydrogen energy and technologies could mitigate the global warming impact of aviation “by 50% to 90%.” The cost of the climate damage caused by aviation’s emissions was estimated at $100 billion for 2018 alone, according to research published in the journal Global Environmental Change. Forward-thinking businesses should already be thinking about how to capitalize on the decarbonization opportunity.

The final frontier awaits.

Looking to the stars, the tech industry has long since set its sights on outer space. NASA has become increasingly dependent on private-sector innovation to power its publicly funded missions. In October 2020, NASA and Nokia announced a new partnership to put a 4G network on the moon. “Eventually we’re all going to want the Hulu or Netflix experience when we’re in space,” — W+T


We're on it.

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