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Mindfulness is the new fitness


In 2022, increasingly mindful people will look for products and services that seamlessly boost their mental wellbeing.

Entertainment platforms are transporting viewers into a world of calm — or Calmtainment. Disney launched Zenimation on Disney+. Calm’s valuation hit $2 billion in December 2020 after its latest round of funding, and Headspace raised an additional $100 million in 2020. We’re seeing a new meditation app hit the app store every day. Even Mattel released a meditation Barbie. As the demand for mindfulness resources rises, the entertainment industry is enhancing the practice of self-care with unique, immersive experiences — which in the near future will also be available to be prescribed by doctors, and covered by insurance.

Meanwhile, the biopharma revolution continues, alongside the AI drug discovery revolution. Chemists are increasingly looking to generative AI to assist with areas like drug discovery and finding more efficient and manufacturable paths to synthesizing essential compounds.

As the world becomes more decentralized, so too do personal concerns such as health and diet. People are depending ever more on their own behaviours and choices to drive healthy living, aided by the broad availability of personal health tracking technologies, with institutions playing a supporting role. Concepts like work-life balance, healthy sleep, and clean eating have blasted into the mainstream.

Rising individualism is leading to more and more people preventing illness through diet, natural supplements and even biohacking. As an effect, the wellness industry is expanding to incorporate immune-strengthening components, which have traditionally been part of the medical realm.

Fitness has been a trend for a long time and as much as the pandemic had the average earthling increase their body weight, we also explored new ways to stay healthy, including an explosion of gamified digital experiences which are expected to keep reaching wide adoption.

Psychedelics are mainstreaming.

COVID-19 accelerated the search for happiness and proliferated new forms of therapy, some of which are expected to stick (eg. Grief therapy), and some to go away (message-based therapy). Following a chain of legalizations in US stages, at HOO KOO E KOO we’re seeing a surge in psychedelics therapy businesses that are raising increasing amounts of funding. All these are here to help with the mental effects of lockdown in the short term but also bracing us for tackling and perhaps preventing the biggest illness of the future — depression.

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