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Alternative Protein

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The plant-based food revolution is here, and showing strong signs of going mainstream. Consumers are increasingly changing eating habits not just for health reasons, but also to mitigate personal environmental impact. People are realizing that farming large animals for food is just not sustainable in the long run. Mainstream adoption of alternative protein is one of the most achievable ways to reduce greenhouse emissions.

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Farming and Food

Alternative protein, once ridiculed as “lab meat” has gained broad acceptance, not only by being a healthier and more sustainable alternative but more importantly by being delicious. Brands like Beyond Meat and Impossible Products are in all major supermarkets across the US, Europe and Asia. Venture capital is funnelling funds towards alternative protein supply chains, as everyone begins to realize the inevitability of the eventual end of the traditional livestock industry.

Farming the future.

Meanwhile, farm automation has taken off. By 2025, consumers will be the first humans to touch more than 20% of the products and produce in the world (Gartner). Countries like the Netherlands are leading the way, showing that technologies like vertical farming can generate exponential nutrition per square km. As a result of the Netherlands embrace of agriculture tech, the tiny country has become the world’s second-largest exporter of agricultural products.

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