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Artificial intelligence and robotics will increase jobs over the next five years.

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Robots are our friends.

The labour-intensive development of AI/Robotics tools will create many jobs. Furthermore, MIT predicts that AI will cause a productivity boom, and supercomputers will become the domain of not just big tech, but also small businesses. AI-driven productivity tools are becoming a core part of the tech stacks of mega-corps and freelancers alike. Drones will become a core part of industries like agriculture and logistics. Robotics has long been mainstream in manufacturing. In fact, more than 20% of produce and products are now manufactured without humans.

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AI and Robotics

Despite the net growth in jobs, many will find themselves needing to “upskill”, after the double whammy of COVID-19 and the AI/Robotics boom. Alongside the inevitable obsolescence of farmworkers, factory workers, customer service reps, bookkeepers, and stock clerks, professions that were previously considered mainstays like accountants, executive assistants, operations managers, and machinery maintenance crews may all find themselves in need of a career change. As AI/Robotics become more widely adopted, fear of AI will continue to decrease. People are beginning to understand AI as an efficient tool for accelerating human decision making and human ingenuity, rather than a replacement thereof.

We have only seen the tip of the iceberg.

AI increasingly looks for inspiration in the billions of years of evolution of biological systems. Innovations in neuromorphic computing and DNA-based data storage models pay homage to the brilliance of the design of the human brain and reproductive systems. The continent of Africa is bristling with enthusiasm to play a central part in the coming evolutions of AI/Robotics. High-tech investors are setting up shop there to develop test-beds for human-robot coexistence.

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