An AI backed manufacturing supply chain brand and platform.

Manufacturing and Supply Chain



Partsimony was at a key moment in its evolution. As part of an ambitious growth strategy, it needed to position itself toward multi-billion dollar supply chain enterprises.

HOO KOO E KOO brought a full-service partnership that allowed Partsimony effective market entry with a killer product experience. We integrated with the expert Partsimony team to craft solid strategy and execute best-in-class product experience which allow users to perform an extensive list of complex features across multiple actions and projects.


Brand Identity

Product Design

Product Development

Interaction Design

Website Design

Website Development

Brand Identity

In developing the brand identity, our focus was a professional, trustworthy, and enterprise-level feel, while hinting at the innovative and sophisticated AI driving the platform.

image 55

Streamlining a Traditional Process

HOO KOO E KOO took an antiquated, complex and inefficient Manufacturing engagement and management process and simplified it through an intuitive User Interface.

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Multi User Experience

The experience served two very distinct User types; the Manufacturer and the Hardware company.
Unique interfaces were defined for features such as Manufacture Sourcing, Manufacture Timeline Tracking, Order Management, CAD file Analysis.

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Clear Brand Positioning

The goal was to effectively communicate Partsimony’s value proposition to its two key audiences; the hardware companies and manufacturers.

Validation of the product value and concise articulation of the feature set was achieved by combining copy, illustration, and use of imagery.




10x increase in business value in 6 months

“HOO KOO E KOO brought our brand and product experience to a whole new level. Our partnership yielded an incredible amount of value and accelerated out growth exponentially.”

— Rich Mokuolu, Founder