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The L'azurde group was integrating multiple brands to create a seamless commerce experience.

HKEK uplifted the L’azurde visual identity and designed a stunning, conversion focussed website that offers a seamless shopping journey across multiple brands, perfectly achieving the omni-channel commerce goals.

Art Direction

Information Architecture

Content Strategy

UX Design

UI Design

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Visual Identity

HKEK took the existing L’azurde visual identity, optimized it for the audience, and extended it into a digital design system that would accommodate multiple commerce experiences. From color to type, photography to interactions.

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UI Design

We created a modular design system which allowed for merchandising flexibility while at the same time showcasing the products in situ. Cross brand browsing and shopping was a key element to the experience regardless of location or store.

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Discover & Product Details

Wayfinding through the vast L’azurde collection is frictionless and contextual and Users are able to explore the product detail in interactive and intuitive moments that support sales conversion.

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My Account & Checkout

We crafted an intuitive and fluid checkout process, expertly guiding users through their shopping journey.

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Design System

Given the multi brand ecosystem and diverse range of products available we created an extensive and flexible design system which facilitated merchandising and customization at every turn.

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We engineered an extensive and detailed commerce design system for L’azurde, designed to facilitate the rapid customization and creation of unique web pages in real-time.



The mobile experience was of deep focus, showcasing the lifestyle and product photography while maintaining an ease of transaction wherever possible.

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Enhanced brand perception among customers and partners, solidifying L’azurde market presence.
1.5X Conversion rate
2X Cart value

“HOO KOO E KOO’s understanding of modern commerce and excellent design expertise allowed for my vision to be realized and L’azurde to rapidly go to market with a best in class omni channel customer experience. ”

— Rizwan Rajpoot, Group Chief Digital Officer