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We lovebuildarelovebuildare the future.

Future Ready

We design for a better world. We participate in projects that disrupt markets, provide a leap in human experience and move towards a more sustainable existence on this planet.

We worked with

Technology for Humanity

The future is diverse, unified, and as our civilisation evolves into Type 1 (planetary), we will create one global tribe. We are making sure this future is comfortable and a home for everyone.

We have built a community of thought and industry leaders. We share knowledge, networks and resources to build a better future for humanity and the planet.

Monika Bielskyte

Internationally renowned futurist, speaker, creative strategist and Co-Founder of All Future Everything.


Entrepreneur & Connector. Co-founder of CryptoHouse, Jorgen.ai, Chooose.today, Re:imagine.

Vinay Chaudhri

Creator, Poet and Brand Strategist. \nHead of Brand & Content at BACKED VC.

Tarun Chitra

Engineer & Entrepreneur in AI, high-performance computing, algorithmic trading & blockchain. Founder of Byzmoto & NYC Salon.

Chris Erthel

One of the top Social Media marketers in Europe. Co-Founder of Meller ($30M+ eyewear brand in 3 years), Founder of OneHumanity. Consults Facebook Marketing for the UN and several companies.

Joe Foxton

Digital Strategist. Emmy award winner. Founder at Foxton Creative & Fiction NYC.

Ahmed Hadjeres

Serial entrepreneur, developer, Head of Eventbrite Labs.

James Hurst

Global Creative Director at Pinterest. Previously Principal at Design.studio, behind the brands for Airbnb, Twitter, Deliveroo, Premier League and more.

Arash Keshmirian

Co-Founder and CEO at Limbic, an award-winning company with over 60 million game downloads worldwide. Frequent speaker and advisor to multiple startups.

Mike Kus

Creative Director and Photographer. The first Instagram user to reach 1M followers.

Jordan Lejuwaan

Futurist, Designer, Engineer & Entrepreneur. Founder of Futurism, The Global Gift Project, ZERO Space.

Abe Stanway

Data Scientist / Data Engineer. Cofounder and CTO, Amperon. Previously McKinsey, Planet Labs, Etsy.

Jason Swamy

Experience Creative Director at Wonderfruit, Further Future, Robot Heart, Do What You Love.

Andrew Wagner

Story telling expert. Creative Director and Designer. Creative Director at AREA17, Kettle.

Olivier Zimmer

Data Scientist. Global Head of Innovation at Google.

Lorrana Scarpioni

Entrepreneur & speaker. CEO and co-founder of Bliive, the world's largest network of time exchange. Global Shaper from Sao Paulo HUB. MIT's one of the 10 most innovative Brazilians '14 and BBC Global 100 most inspiring women '15.

Jonathan Dagan

Two-time Grammy nominated musician. Songwriter, producer, remixer, and art director.

Arthur Harsuvanakit

Expert in Design Research and Product Manufacturing eg. for NASA interplanetary Jupiter moon lander. Currently, Senior Designer on the Manufacturing Industry Futures team of Autodesk Research.

Ersinhan Ersin

VR expert. Winner at Sundance, Tribeca. Expert in immersive VR, projections and laser installations.

Lucas Che Tizard

Architect, designer, teacher and futurist. Founding director of international design firm, Red Deer.

Amit Pradhan

Amit is a seasoned startup founder, investor and speaker. He is the co-founder & President of the Silicon Valley Blockchain Society (SVBS), Executive Chairman at Zero AI & Rainfall, GP of JetVentures, and serves on multiple boards, including the Norwegian Refugee Council USA.

Chester Chipperfield

Creative Director. Former Global Creative Director at Tesla, Head of Special Projects at Apple, Vice President at Burberry. Over 15 years in the design industry.

Henrik Beckmann

Henrik is a tech entrepreneur & co-founder of Momentum Data. Momentum leverages AI and RPA on LinkedIn for B2B marketing and sales teams. His interest lies in growing B2B businesses.

Jan Cieslikiewicz

Jan is the founder of Parlor Social Club, a social life and events app, that recently launched in New York. He is also an internationally recognized art photographer, and the executive producer of “Echoes of the Invisible”. The film has just won the SXSW 2020 Zeiss Cinematography Award.

Jehane Akiki

Jehane is passionate about the intersection of technology, humanity, and design to solve tough social problems. She is the founder of Learning Blocks, an education certification system. She is also the co-founder of Farms Not Arms, a consortium of organizations and individuals building a multi-agricultural educational farm model.

Xander Schultz

Xander Schultz and Zoë Pappis Schultz are the co-founders of WWBT, providing community centers and safe spaces for refugees. Investors, Entrepreneurs, Activists and Humanitarians, they are also involved in projects to protect democracy via One for Democracy, criminal justice reform via the Justice Fund and learning from changemakers on the What We Don't Know Podcast.

Nick Fitz

Nick is Founder and CEO of Momentum who build white-labeled fundraising software for nonprofits. He’s also an advisor to several social impact startups and nonprofits and a member of Founders Pledge. Before Momentum, Nick was a Senior Behavioral Scientist at Dan Ariely’s Center for Advanced Hindsight and Startup Lab at Duke University. His work has been featured in the New York Times, Washington Post, and the BBC.

Stan Chen

Stan is an Entrepreneur, Innovator, Environmentalist and Humanitarian. He is the founder of RecycleGO, a service and technology company that optimises the recycling process. He is also a founder of Maskforce, originated at Future Horizon. He is passionate in using Blockchain for recycling, providing a chain of custody, and as a result, accountability to create widespread impact.

Emily Bauer

Emily is the founder of Bau Land - a landscape design and urbanism firm, and Jungle NYC - a new plant retail company. Currently a Columbia U Professor and formerly design lead at BIG and !melk.

Andreea Magdalina

Andreea is a connector. Her work is rooted at the intersection of music and technology with a focus on empowering women through her role as the founder & CEO of shesaid.so, a social enterprise she founded in 2014. Aside from shesaid.so, she has spent the past 5 years working with creative agencies and global brands to develop digital-first content, technology products and strategic partnerships.

Chantelle Buffie

7+ years experience in project management, product development, and business operations with a background in digital, tech, and marketing.

Becky Lee

10+ years of agency experience. Clients include Coca-Cola, Sony Mobile, PepsiCo, Walmart, Gruppo Campari, BP, and C&A.

How We Work

It’s 2021. We are a remote-first organization and travel to facilitate in-person workshops and events.

We work together, across the planet.

Our team has an amazing work-life balance.

We have a 16h+ time zone coverage.

Our Name

Hoo'-koo-e'-ko means roughly "this is us, people" from the language of the Hoo-Koo-E-Ko tribe, whose indigenous land is now known as the San Francisco Bay Area. But that's not how it started for us... North of San Francisco our founder Matt Cyrankiewicz found himself hiking the mountains above the sequoia tree reserve of Muir Woods. What was meant to be a 2-hour stroll ended up a 5-hour quest. The sun set as he reached the summit midpoint. On return, as he roamed around the pitch-black woods seeking way back to his car, he stumbled across a trail of lights. To his delight, the path led him into a charity fundraiser right in the Muir Woods cathedral, where he was welcomed and drank wine with some Silicon Valley pioneers. An unforeseen prophecy was born. The path was called the Hoo Koo E Koo trail. A year later, when Matt was removed from the California company he had founded in a hostile take-over, Matt remembered his experience and founded HOO KOO E KOO as his own way back to the light. In a way, HOO KOO E KOO (this time the company) has become a trail to light for Matt and many others. We have built a global family of extremely talented creative problem-solvers. HOO KOO E KOO is a global tribe of exceptional humans and a new breed of an agency. A Post-Agency.