We lovebuildarelovebuildare the future.

Future Ready

We design for a better world. We participate in projects that disrupt markets, provide a leap in human experience and move towards a more sustainable existence on this planet.


We help companies make big decisions. We form strategic recommendations based on industry research, stakeholder interviews and expert advice to form holistic strategies that help our clients reach their goals.


We craft timeless Visual Identities for our clients that represent their core values while engaging new and emerging audiences. Our comprehensive Brand Identity systems allow for application cross medium from digital to print, physical to acoustic.


Human centric design and it is at the heart of most of our projects. Unlike other agencies there is frequently a through line from digital into the physical resulting in cohesive and world class online/offline brand experiences.


The cross section of strategy, design and technology is where the magic happens for our clients. We are technologically agnostic and have deep experience with hardware, custom application, mobile, publishing, web and ecommerce.

We collaborate on projects that disrupt markets, provide a leap in human experience, and move toward a more sustainable existence on this planet. We’re a community of pragmatic visionaries, accomplished in our respective crafts, with a shared will to harness our talents for good. We work with organizations who have the ideas, brainpower, resources, and drive required to generate substantial, meaningful impact.

Henk Rogers

Dutch-American computer game entrepreneur Henk Rogers (Japan's RPG, Tetris) turned environmental leader (Blue Planet Foundation/Alliance), futurist (the International MoonBase Alliance) and designer (Burning Man, Fashion, Moon Jewelry).

Bill Seibel

Bill is the best-selling author of ‘Press Go – Lessons Earned by a Serial Entrepreneur’ and CEO of Gumball, a consulting firm that has helped more than 50 CEOs scale their companies rapidly. As a serial entrepreneur, Bill has been Chairman/CEO of 9 startups, an operating Exec of another 4, and served on 14 fiduciary, 15 advisory and 12 nonprofit boards.

James Hurst

James is a believer in using design to design change. He's Head of Brand at Google. Formerly Global Creative Director at Pinterest and Principal at design.studio. He runs First Things Club where design leaders help each other build a better world.

John Sinclair

Co-founder of the ustwo group. Before becoming Chairmanof the Studio Group in Jan 2021, John held the position of CEO and ran theLondon, Malmö, New York and Sydney studios. He also sits on the board of ustwoGames, creators of the Monument Valley series. With over20 years of experience in the design and technology industry, John has workedwith blue-chip clients across a range of sectors from consumer electronics, toretail, finance and health.

Amit Pradhan

Amit is a seasoned startup founder, investor and speaker. He is the co-founder & President of the Silicon Valley Blockchain Society (SVBS), Executive Chairman at Zero AI & Rainfall, GP of JetVentures, and serves on multiple boards, including the Norwegian Refugee Council USA.

How We Work

It's 2024. We are a global remote-first organization, and we travel to facilitate in-person workshops, strategy sessions and events.

We work together, across the planet.

Our team has an amazing work-life balance.

We have a 16h+ time zone coverage.

Our Name

Just north of San Francisco, at the foothills of Mount Tam, lies the Hoo Koo E Koo trail. Named for the indigenous Hoo-Koo-E-Ko tribe, the name roughly translates to: this is us: people. In 2015, Matt Cyrankiewicz set off on a casual 2-hour stroll in the mountains. It turned into a grueling 75-hour journey, with the sun setting as he reached the summit. Meandering through the pitch-black woods, he stumbled across a lit trail — a beacon amid the darkness. You can guess its name. A year later, after a hostile takeover of his previous company, Matt started HOO KOO E KOO as a path back to light from the metaphorical darkness of subpar work environments and extractive agencies. HKEK has been remote from day one, and we pride ourselves on prioritizing people, the planet, and meaningful work over the insatiable lust for endless economic growth. Today, HOO KOO E KOO is a global brand and digital product studio that helps category-defining businesses create a better future.