We lovebuildarelovebuildare the future.

Future Ready

We design for a better world. We participate in projects that disrupt markets, provide a leap in human experience and move towards a more sustainable existence on this planet.


We help companies make big decisions. We form strategic recommendations based on industry research, stakeholder interviews and expert advice to form holistic strategies that help our clients reach their goals.


We craft timeless Visual Identities for our clients that represent their core values while engaging new and emerging audiences. Our comprehensive Brand Identity systems allow for application cross medium from digital to print, physical to acoustic.


Human centric design and it is at the heart of most of our projects. Unlike other agencies there is frequently a through line from digital into the physical resulting in cohesive and world class online/offline brand experiences.


The cross section of strategy, design and technology is where the magic happens for our clients. We are technologically agnostic and have deep experience with hardware, custom application, mobile, publishing, web and ecommerce.

We are intersectional by design in our backgrounds, identities and skill sets. While most of us are in the US, we have team members in 15+ countries.

Matt Cyrankiewicz

Founding + Creative Partner

Digital generalist, entrepreneur, designer and creative director with 15+ years of experience. Founder of HOO KOO E KOO, co-founder of Dropr, TABLE, Organism, Slash. Formerly a digital artist.

Christopher Spearpoint

Managing + Strategy Partner

Over 14 years of in-house, agency, incubator and business operator experience bringing new brands, businesses, and products to market. Passion for solving business and creative challenges regardless of nature.

Giulia Bocci

Operations Lead

With over 10 years of expertise in crafting exceptional digital products and live events, she has a results-driven approach and a keen eye for user experience. A natural problem-solver, she possesses skills in finding solutions to complex challenges. She brings a passion for innovation, design, sustainability, and humanity to every project.

Marcin Kurylak

Head of Technology

With over 15 years of experience in developing and leading digital projects, ranging from small-scale to corporate initiatives, he has expertise in a diverse range of mediums, including web, mobile, 3D animation, and Neural Networks. His focus lies in delivering the best possible end-user experience.

Adi Kurian

Group Account Director

Marketer with a passion for using narrative, data, and empathy to solve problems. Experience delivering custom solutions in sectors including auto, CPG, finance, law, and tech.

Michael Ketigian

Associate Strategy Director

Seasoned generalist with an engineering degree and 10+ years in startups and nonprofits. Whether building robust brands, shaping content strategy, crafting crisp copy, or rapping at the UN — storytelling is the core.

Ariana Rabasa

Culture Manager

Digital marketer and Event producer with over 10 years of experience in the Tech and Innovation industry. She believes in creating a positive and collaborative work environment that focuses on employee well-being, and her biggest challenge is to foster a real sense of community within a 100% remote team. In her free time, you can find her flying with her kite in the Caribbean sea.

Guendalina Buzzanca

Talent & Operations Manager

An experienced events, logistics, and guest services manager with over 10 years of expertise. With a keen eye for detail and a proven ability to balance priorities, Guen consistently produces top-quality work. She has spent the last 6 years working with top names on Sir Richard Branson's Private Island, honing her skills in managing high-profile events and delivering exceptional guest experiences.

Sarah McCollum

Senior Producer

Product Manager, Project Manager, and Certified Scrum Master with 10+ years of experience in e-Commerce development and optimization. Experienced at leading widespread and diverse teams, building custom technology solutions, and overall being the glue that holds a successful project together. Committed to honesty, communication, and making the world a better place.

Kimberly McCann

Senior Producer & Account Lead

15+ years of marketing experience building client relationships, strategizing business solutions and overseeing production efforts for brands, organizations and individuals. Passionate about building authentic relationships and collaborating to generate positive, long-term impact.

Sarah Ramanuj

Senior Producer

A spirited and solutions-driven producer with an exceptional background of leading a diverse roster of clients from Fortune 500 companies to start-ups across branding, strategy, design and development.

Nikhil George

Executive Producer

Creative product specialist with technical expertise to lead and advise: digital products at Fortune 500 companies & build 0 -> 1 products for funded startups. Expertise: Product leadership, growth product, analytics framework, technology integrations, marketplace, Saas, marketing & sales tech.

Anastasia Vitruk

Growth Manager

Curious by nature, entrepreneurial by soul, and loving by heart. She has built a strong marketing and business development background over the years. Experienced in marketing campaigns, with a deep knowledge of product marketing, account management, content production, and community management.

Brooke Wilson


Brooke is a trampoline enthusiast and seasoned Copywriter who has shaped brands and innovated omni-channel campaigns for Starbucks, The United Nations, Nestle, and more. Her specialty lies in fine-tuning the perception of luxury brands and products to capture the fast-beating hearts of Millennial and Gen Z audiences. In her free time, you can catch her songwriting or laying down vocals in the studio.

Emily Rose Schmidt

Marketing Consultant

A Digital Marketer with 7+ years experience specializing in SEO & Content Strategy for B2B & B2C eCom and SaaS brands. Helping brands solve their big problems to get conversions on-site.

Giorgio Campo

Design Director

Design director with over 12 years of experience in delivering value to businesses and people through digital experiences across different scales, industries, and markets. He works closely with clients to help define innovation, solve problems, and create meaningful, tangible solutions.

Qaisar Ahmad

Creative Director

An award-winning, customer-centric designer focused on visual design, interfaces, branding, and more. He believes that the perfect balance of "message," "aesthetics," and "usability" creates a compelling story that resonates with people.

Badr Abou El Anouar

UI Lead

Badr is an awarded senior designer and UI mentor. In his 14 years of experience in the design field, he has delivered more than 120 successful design projects in the US, Western Europe, and the Middle East. He has worked with clients like UNIDO and received multiple awards from CSS awards, Awwwards, Muzli, and Mindsparklemag.

Humberto Carrero

Sr Brand Designer

Senior Brand Identity Designer and Art Director with 15 years of experience. He developed most of his career at traditional branding agencies but is now motivated by the digital revolution and interested in the intersection of brand, UI, and new technologies. On his free time, you will find him creating music.

Austin Beer

UX Lead

Designing intuitive and delightful digital experiences for hard and messy problems for every industry for 12 years. Leads with his quirky, collaborative, iterative, and human-centered design approach to make compelling digital tools, apps, and websites. On his free time, you will find him rock climbing.

Sanan Ahmed

UI/UX Designer

A Multi-disciplinary Designer with over four years of experience in various disciplines, emphasizing thoughtful design and visual problem-solving. He is primarily focused on UI/UX, Interaction, and Motion Design. He believes that strong imagery, backed up by effective distribution strategies, can shape the world into a better place.

Mohsin Khan

UX/UI designer

A multi-disciplinary Designer focused on UX/UI, Branding, and Interaction Design. You'll often find him surrounded by great artwork, and he is a firm believer in giving back to the community, participating in volunteer work. He is also an enthusiast of typography and lettering, to the extent that he can be considered a type designer.

Iftikhar Ahmad


A multi-disciplinary Designer who focuses on creating user-centered design. He is seasoned in designing digital experiences that are easy to use and visually pleasing, delivering exceptional results for his clients.

Ansar Iqbal


A Designer with 10 years of expertise in visual communication, print, digital, and user-centered design, and anything in between. He believes in creating experiences that establish a connection between users and the design, resulting in effective and engaging solutions.

Mateusz Solecki

Technology Director

Director of Technology and entrepreneur, he is deeply passionate about staying at the forefront of new and emerging technologies, particularly in the fields of automation and artificial intelligence. He is constantly seeking out new ways to improve and optimize processes, delivering cutting-edge solutions that enhance the performance and efficiency of his clients' businesses.

Piotr Lepkowski

Full Stack Developer

A Full-stack Developer with over 10 years of experience, who started his career as a designer. He specializes in developing web and mobile applications, and he loves building products from scratch and the satisfaction of solving problems. With his expertise and passion, he delivers high-quality and innovative solutions to his clients.

Adam Malej

Full-Stack Developer

A Full-stack Developer with over 5 years of experience in technology, with a focus on both frontend and backend development. He is dedicated to self-development and providing the most appropriate solutions for his clients. In his free time, you can catch him on the volleyball court, where he applies his competitive spirit and teamwork skills to succeed in both work and play.

Reinny Almonte

Front End Developer

He is a skilled programmer but prefers to call himself a "craftsman" who takes pride in his craft and strives to continuously improve his skills. He is passionate about storytelling and is particularly drawn to the art of cinematography. Having grown up on an island, he has a special place in his heart for the beach.

How We Work

It's 2024. We are a global remote-first organization, and we travel to facilitate in-person workshops, strategy sessions and events.

We work together, across the planet.

Our team has an amazing work-life balance.

We have a 16h+ time zone coverage.

Our Name

Just north of San Francisco, at the foothills of Mount Tam, lies the Hoo Koo E Koo trail. Named for the indigenous Hoo-Koo-E-Ko tribe, the name roughly translates to: this is us: people. In 2015, Matt Cyrankiewicz set off on a casual 2-hour stroll in the mountains. It turned into a grueling 75-hour journey, with the sun setting as he reached the summit. Meandering through the pitch-black woods, he stumbled across a lit trail — a beacon amid the darkness. You can guess its name. A year later, after a hostile takeover of his previous company, Matt started HOO KOO E KOO as a path back to light from the metaphorical darkness of subpar work environments and extractive agencies. HKEK has been remote from day one, and we pride ourselves on prioritizing people, the planet, and meaningful work over the insatiable lust for endless economic growth. Today, HOO KOO E KOO is a global brand and digital product studio that helps category-defining businesses create a better future.